Criteria For Investments

Fund Investment Criteria


GOMF will endeavor to build a portfolio of private equity fund interests that are managed by investment firms that meet GCP’s criteria for a private equity fund likely to achieve GOMF’s return objectives and that are either based in Ohio or have a nexus of activity in Ohio. “Nexus” is defined as possessing one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Physical office presence in Ohio
  • Investment professionals based / devoting a meaningful amount of time in Ohio
  • Key Ohio-domiciled relationships (e.g. strategic partners, fund advisors, significant investors)
  • Historical investments in Ohio-based companies
  • “Good faith effort” to invest in one or more companies domiciled in Ohio



GOMF will also make direct co-investments in companies domiciled (or having meaningful activities) in Ohio and whose business activities are supportive of Ohio, investing alongside private equity funds known by GCP.

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